On Wednesday, May 22 2024, the dissertation research colloquium examination was held by Mr. Encik Weliyadi, a student of the Water Resources Management Doctoral Program which took place offline in Building J Room 305 at 10.00-12.00 WIB. Discussion of the exam to determine the progress of the preparation of the Dissertation research proposal by students that will be carried out. This presentation aims to get criticism and suggestions from lecturers and students to move to the next stage.

The proposal is entitled “Management Strategy for the Tanjung Palas Marine Conservation Area to Support Fisheries Sustainability in Bulungan Regency”. Brother Encik explained the framework of thought, research objectives, methods that will be used to support the ongoing research as well as work procedures that will be carried out as well as the timeline for preparing activities.

The colloquium proposal examination was attended by Prof. Dr. Ir. Sutrisno Anggoro M.S. (Promoter), Dr. Ir. Haeruddin M.Sc. (Co-Promoter I), Dr. Ir. Suryanti, M. Pi. (Co-Promoter II), Prof. Dr. Ir. Suradi WS, M.S (Examiner), Ir. Max Rudolf Muskananfola, M.Sc, Ph.D (Examiner) and Dr. Aninditia Sabdaningsih, S.Si, M.Si (Prodi Manager) and MSDP Doctoral study program colleagues. Based on the colloquium exam that has been presented, you are given criticism, suggestions and input for the continuation of the research so that the research can run smoothly. Keep the enthusiasm for the next stage. Good luck!